Experience & Sponsors

Freelance multimedia marketing

Role involved: Creating a marketing campaign in video form by spending the day with volunteers for the charity running a surf clinic and the veterans attending it. The video was shot on various cameras and later edited to a high standard in Premier Pro and was shared on various social media platforms by Surf Action.


Social media marketing, blogger and general digital marketing campaigns  

  • Role Involves: Creating marketing campaigns for the latest products on various digital and social media platforms such as WordPress, Facebook and Instagram; a majority of these campaigns have been designed in InDesign.


Content writer and marketing assistant

  • Role Involves: Copywriting for websites, creating press releases and social media posts for a range of clients. Alongside this, the role also entails entering data into spreadsheets on Excel and creating marketing campaigns in InDesign.


Fashion writer and PR for print and online

  • Role Involves: Marketing brands that sponsor the magazine through the production of fashion content for the online and print version of the magazine. Some of these brands included; Roxy, Billabong, RipCurl, and O’Neill. I assisted in managing the WordPress site this included, layout, content and brand campaigns. I marketed the brands latest products and collections by assisting in designing and writing marketing campaigns for the website.

Examples of my work for SurfGirl are linked below…




Online Blogger for RipCurl Europe

  • Role involves: Marketing the company’s latest collection that occurs each season through writing and photographs, My content would then be posted on the company’s social media and used as part of their marketing campaigns.


Marketing and product reviews for Rocket Dog Europe

  • Role involves:  Marketing the company’s latest collection each season by taking creative photographs of the products and written content, then posting them on the company’s social media, such as their Instagram page using #Rocketdogeurope. My content has been used for their email marketing campaigns.

coolerContent writer

  • Role involves: Freelance writer, I regularly submitted “How to articles” on various subjects.

 Examples of my work for Cooler Magazine…



First content writer and product reviewer 

  • Role Involved: Producing product reviews and surf forecast information. I was one of the first content writers for this site, it has now gotten massive with lots of users! I mainly contributed about my travels around the world submitting posts nearly every other day.

All my posts for them can be read by clicking on the link below…



Digital and print based marketing for Red Rock Leisure Ltd.

  • Role involves: Running the marketing and blog for Watersports company Red Rock Leisure on their website. This involved write-ups about customer experiences, information about equipment and advertorials for the company that were published in Windsurf Magazine. I also wrote all the information about the company printed on many leaflets and took on a PR role at times upon answering phone calls and emails that were in correlation with branding for the company.



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