Pumpkin spice and everything nice

It’s Fall, which can only mean pumpkin spiced lattes, cosy jumpers and scented candles. The leaves are changing and so is your wardrobe! It’s time to pack away those shorts and vest tops and replace them with pretty ponchos and beautiful boots. We’ve got your Fall wardrobe sorted from frosty mornings to bonfire evenings…



O’N E I L L- W I N T E R / F A L L

Our passion for surfing doesn’t fade with the last summer sunset. We’ve always been dedicated to keep our fellow riders going no matter the time, weather or location. So what if we find ourselves in a beautiful snow-coated landscape, say on an unreasonably far away and cold Arctic island, yet still wanted to keep on rocking the surf lifestyle? That’s the kind of dreams you’ve never dreamed of. And that’s the kind of dream our Fall/Winter collection intends to let you experience for yourself.

1. Print Surflegging – £44.99

2. Americana T-Shirt – £22.99

3. Cool Cotton Parka – £179.99

4. Traveller Shirt – £49.99

5. Zephyr Mid Lt W Melee Sneaker- £64.99

6. Everyday Scarf – £29.99 updateee4  

B I L L A B O N G – S O  F A R  S O  G O O D

As we make no rush to see the true season change, ‘So Far So Good’ takes an upbeat approach to early Fall dressing. Think ‘70s Laurel Canyon meets preppy surf, with fresh of-the-moment spins on our favourite old school styles. Get wrapped in homespun ponchos, using diluted tie-dye and spray bleach aspect for a cloudy and nebulous effect. With a wear-now, layer-later sensibility, this playful collection sits with untamed geos both pretty and proper.

1.Basic Tee £18.00

2.DayDreamin Hat £35.00

3.Tender Pant £58.00

4.Cutting Loose Boots £72.00

5. Desert Voyage Poncho £64.00 autumn-surfgirl-article-2 R O X Y- P E R P E T U A L   W A T E R  

Roxy’s new Perpetual Water collection part of their autumn-winter range will make your Fall one to remember. This beautiful collection incorporates traditional Polynesian patterns and vibrant colours of the sea, whilst entwining Japanese fashion and Hawaiian culture, it’s a must have this season.

1.Soul Searchin Open Poncho £70.00

2.Boyfriend Stellar Door T-Shirt £25.00 3.Tropical Vibe – Beach Bag £30.00

4.Austin – Ankle Boots £65.00

5.Rebel Bikers Jeans £65.00

6.Winter Bobble Hat grey £27.00 updateee3

R I P C U R L- T H E S E A R C H

Early 90’s, The Search concept was the best way to define what it meant to be part of Rip Curl and it was the driving forces that lead to it’s creation. The Search collection by Rip Curl was inspired by the first “teaser ads” depicting a new mysterious “Search logo” which ran in February and March in 1992. The Search collection represents the feeling that brings all surfers together; Groms, young guys and girls and older surfers alike all knew what the feeling was and what it meant to dream from those images of the perfect lineup. The images that were splashed across Rip Curl’s early adds, it’s all about that feeing only a surfer knows.

1.Atacama Sweater £69.99

2.Antofagasta Jacket £149.99

3.Bahia Pants £49.99

4.Chile Hat £39.99 autumn-surfgirl-article-4 P A S S E N G E R- W A V E S & T R E E S Combining the love for nature and clothes Passengers Waves & Trees collection is something so special. Wherever we are there are trees, as a chid we may have climbed up them, picnicked by them or even used their branches to burn so we could toast our marshmallows on these chilly fall nights. Leaves go from a lushes green to a crisp auburn and sprinkle the streets, pathways and fields. Trees are a reminder that we should spend more time in the outdoors and they teach us to value the places we love. Passenger noticed all that they do for us and because of this, they plant a tree for every order that they receive from this collection.

1.Yosemite Plaid Shirt shirt £50.99

2.Yukon Popover Oil Blue Hoodie

3.Dawn Patrol Padded Navy Jacket £89.99

4.Waffalofagus Rust Beanie £17.99


Lousie Searle: Dreaming to reality in the media industry


Entrepreneur, editor and Cornish woman, Louise Searle, works round the clock to keep her print business going. If she’s not out in the waves or at a yoga class, she’s in the office maintaining her dream.

Searle has always been an adventure seeker and has never allowed her gender to hold her back. As a child she could always be found on the streets, skating with the boys. She also loved hanging out at the beach, watching the surfers, longing to be out there in the endless blue ocean, but back in the 70’s “there definitely weren’t the opportunities for girls to learn how to surf like there are now,” she explains.

From seaside local to big city student, Searle moved away from the fresh sea air of a seaside town to the dusty, busy environment of a city to pursue her career as an editor and business owner. She took her bags and travelled to Bristol Poly because it was one of the near ones to Cornwall. This meant that she could drive home a lot to get her fix of fresh air, their she achieved a BA Hons in Humanities. But that was just the start of her career path as she carried on her path at The London at University of the Arts.

She found that having an, “unrelated to anything degree isn’t very good for your career path.” So she moved to the big city of London and decided to pay for herself to study a Post Grad Diploma in Printing and Publishing.

Searle was very interested in getting into publishing and has always been determined, so after completing her post grad degree there was loads of job opportunities, but not in her beloved home of surf and sand, Cornwall.

After a few years of staring at concrete and tall bleak buildings, Searle grew to loath dragging her feet along subway and tubes to arrive at her publishing jobs. The seaside was calling her and so was a new career move, so she moved back to Cornwall in the early ‘90s because she missed the sea so much, she was fed up with looking at concrete.

Searle stated: “I moved back to Cornwall but there weren’t any jobs here in the 90’s Cornwall was a very poor county not like it is today. So we had to create our own.”

Using her insinuative, Searle set out on her journey as a business owner with the help of the Prince’s Trust a youth charity that helps young people aged 13-30 get into jobs and build their own businesses. Her and her partner were both into bodyboarding so they set up ThreeSixty a Bodyboarding magazine, which lead to her starting Carve and then her dream of Orca Publications, was born.

Searle looks like a body boarder and a surfer with her sandy blonde hair, tanned skin and healthy glow, body covered in silver turquoise jewellery. Her mannerisms are laid back despite having a desk piled with paperwork and many to do sticky notes across her computer. But she always knew her dream would come at a cost.

Her dream of women in the surf industry being respected and looked up to, her dream of her magazine called SurfGirl. Searle was driven and inspired to create her own magazine, because she was, “fed up with seeing shots of women walking down the beach with a board under their arm. Thought it was time for a change.”

Searle spends most of her days and evenings in her tall office that over looks Newquay in Cornwall. Her days consist of countless jobs. Centrally her role is to keep the company going through the good times and  the bad, which is not easy in Cornwall producing mainly print. From 10am in the morning it’s all go for Searle as editor of two magazines and a business owner there’s barely any time for her favourite, a slice of cake and cup of extremely strong coffee.

Searle’s day consists of reading all the emails, usually people from all over the world who want to be involved in her magazine, SurfGirl. Then most probably over coffee and cake she’ll have a chat with shop manager about how the online shop’s going and make some decisions about that. Not only does she run two magazines Carve, a surfing magazine for men and SurfGirl, a surfing magazine for women, but she also runs an online shop alongside both of these.

As late morning approaches Searle usually sets up social media for the day on Hootsuite for SurfGirl and the Beach Boutique online shop. Five coffees later, and its time for her to check out any new stories, do some work on Carve and sort out some accounts. Then after all that if there’s time do some cool stuff like work out what’s going in the next magazine, or arrange a photo shoot for the Beach Boutique or come up with some ideas to design something new. It doesn’t stop from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning to the moment she shuts them the next evening.

But it’s not all about sitting in the office for Searle; she’s built a business that allows her to move away from her office chair. She jets off around the world getting content for SurfGirl magazine. Just this year she went to Ipso in Munich to attend a massive sports action trade show and go to see the brands to sort out planning for the year. Then In October she went to France for the Quicksilver and Roxy Pro to see the event, interview some surfers and meet up with the brands again.

There are successes and failures with any business and Searle has a very upbeat attitude towards everything.


Check out all her achievements in action here:







Bring out your inner mermaid…


PHOTO CREDIT: Ishbel Alderman

These two things are essential to any born mermaid! 


Bring our your inner mermaid with Beach Toes nail varnish, originally made in Australia. Be warned though, there’s more colours available to buy  than fingers on your hand so you might end up as more of a Rainbow Fish than a mermaid! The “Tube Ride” colour is my personal favourite, for a start its a deep blue like the ocean with added glitter like mermaid scales, making it the ultimate mermaid inspired nail varnish on the market!

Buy here:http://surfgirlbeachboutique.com/collections/lifestyle-beauty/products/tube-ride-beach-toes

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.59.36
Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.51.41


This tank top speaks for itself! It might be plain, but its plainly awesome, the fit is very figure flattering and the light fabric of the tank top with cut out sleeves makes it perfect for hot weather. Wear with some ripped shorts or jeans to add some grunge to the mermaid look, mix it up!

Buy here: http://surfgirlbeachboutique.com/collections/lifestyle-surfgirl-clothing/products/lovaine-mermaid-vest

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.50.53IMG_0528


The summer vibes are upon us!

This issue has some of the most stunning fashion shoots yet! The warm Instagram colours of the whole issue just shout spring! Get all geared up as the suns starting to come out from behind those grey clouds, with our recommendations in the fashion section you’ll sure to be looking 10/10 this summer. This issue is any girls guide to the upcoming fashion you NEED in your wardrobe!

Grab issue 50 here: http://surfgirlbeachboutique.com/collections/surfgirlcollection/products/copy-of-surfgirl-issue-50IMG_0549 2Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.36.24

Surf Leggings for summer!

Grab the latest issue of SurfGirl its full of summer vibes! This fashion article in the printed magazines all about Billabong’s versatile summery palm tree covered Skinny Sea Legs leggings, which are super practical and funky.

Snap up  the latest issue from the official SurfGirl website or any news agents near you to read all about the new collections! Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.27.16


IMG_0551 IMG_0554