Bikini vibes…

I have recently started blogging and Instagramming for Rip Curl Europe (which I’m super happy about). So I thought I’d use this as an excuse to skip exam revision and instead go for an evening swim with my Go Pro. This was in order to blog about how awesome Rip Curl bikinis are. However, in this case it is a blog post about a singular bikini as more posts are on the way …
It was a beautiful sunny evening in Falmouth, Cornwall, so I hit the beach for a swim in my Lolita Rip Curl Bikini from the Alanas closet range (Alana’s an extremely  inspirational surfer to me). It fits perfectly and the bright tribal patterns reflect the summer vibes that are now fast approaching, as the smell of BBQ burgers and sun cream are starting to fill the air.
I would highly recommend the Lolita Triangle bikini top to the flatter chested women out there (admittedly like me) as the extra straps draw attention to other areas rather than your cleavage (or lack of). Personally, I love the cut out sides of the bikini bottoms as it shows off a bit of your hips and is a little bit cheeky, without showing off too much skin.

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