Junior doctors strike for two days in Plymouth

Date reported on: 26/04/16  Words: 222


Junior doctors at Plymouth’s Derriford hospital strike over the government’s new contract, which they claim will cause additional stress to already overworked staff and potentially put patients lives at risk


Junior doctors gather on the picket line outside Derriford hospital to gather support for their cause, they have a long two days ahead


Junior doctors stand in cold sleet with their homemade signs in protest to proposed contract changes


Despite the cold junior doctors on the picket line were still smiling


One of many patients spend their day showing their support for the doctors who care for them on a daily bases


Braving the April showers, the doctors raise their signs responding to the cheers of pedestrians and hooting of passing motorists that show their support


The key concerns about the new contract’s proposals focus around reduced safety when it comes to both staff and patients


Junior doctors attempt to convey the message that everyone will be affected by this infringement upon their working conditions and unite all sectors of the community


Junior doctors convey the message that working seven days a week under the new contract will endanger patient health as well as their own


Junior doctors plan to strike at Derriford Hospital, maintaining their presence into the early hours for two days


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