4 reasons why taking a gap year before university is a good idea …

1. When you finish your A-levels but have doubts about going to university…


So, you’re close to finishing your A-levels and everyone’s signing up to UCAS ready for university in September. All you can hear is “so what universities have you applied for?” It’s being drummed into your head that it’s the uni route or no route. Don’t give in to peer pressure take a year out even if you don’t travel for all of it, take time to think, is it really worth getting into £35,000 worth of debt if you’re not 100% sure?

2. Fulfilling you’re urge to see more will make you less likely to drop out of uni half way in..

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It makes you grow up and that’s important. Gap years are commonly associated with the cheesy phrase “finding yourself”. To this day I still don’t really know what I want and I am currently studying at university, but what travelling did do is make me grow up. Yeah, I do the typical uni stuff; I’ll get drunk to the point where I pass out in my hallway. BUT seeing other cultures, with some having very little has made me appreciate my education more and I feel I work harder because of that.

 3. Travelling may change your degree or university choice totally, and it might be the one you really wanted to do/ or go to all along…


Before travelling, upon applying for uni I felt pressured into looking at courses that were very essay and exam based. So my degree now does have exams and essays, BUT it’s also got practical and design elements. Something I felt embarrassed to look at in the schooling system I was brought up in. But after meeting people in different countries from all walks of life that were all doing well in their own way, I realised that we can’t all work in the same way and an art’s university that offered a degree consisting of visual and academic aspects was right for me. I love the video aspect of my course and that’s were my talents appear to be falling, as a dyslexic that finds constant writing stressful, without the practical side I would have dropped out.

4.  Most importantly…It makes you stand up for yourself more.

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