A world without money, just technology…

THE VENUS PROJECT, what is it?

The Venus Project is an organisation that “proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization.”

 The present political system relies on money and power to underpin ideas. However, the Venus Project seeks new ways of thinking, by throwing out these ideas in favour of ingenuity through humanity, pursuing technological advances within a meritocracy. Their vision to change our current monetary-based society to a resource based global economy, will be achieved by changing the focus of our society from money to sustainable resources through certain principles, some are:

  • Distribution of goods and services without the use of money, tokens would be accomplished by establishing distribution centers.
  • To build ‘circular cities’, where schools, transportation, housing, agriculture, health care, research facilities for innovation, a productive healthy lifestyle would be incorporated into the total design.

 This will be achieved by scientists and engineers having freedom to develop their own ideas. To replace fossil fuels with sustainable energy such as geothermal, solar, etc. Without the financial constraints of self-interested big business who have their own agenda.

 But won’t there be resistance from the rich and powerful, when money is the force behind everything?

The monetary system will slowly become obsolete anyway as the government automates the forces of production more and more.

 In my opinion, principles like suggesting crime will be obsolete by educational conditioning are naïve. Human nature is unpredictable. If crimes like murder are not dealt with within a court or legal system, society will be in chaos. Also, having no social class inevitability will create unrest, as some people who consider themselves to have worked hard for their wealth may rebel.

 The Venus Project in relation to the election could be seen as an extremist Green Party in combination with Labour. However, the whole point of the idea is to get rid of the whole parliamentary political system altogether. Getting on board with the Venus Project doesn’t mean you agree with all their ideas, the bigger question you’re answering upon signing up is, “can we grow beyond thinking that “someone” has to make decisions for us?” More information can be found at www.thevenusproject.com.


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