Bring out your inner mermaid…


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These two things are essential to any born mermaid! 


Bring our your inner mermaid with Beach Toes nail varnish, originally made in Australia. Be warned though, there’s more colours available to buy  than fingers on your hand so you might end up as more of a Rainbow Fish than a mermaid! The “Tube Ride” colour is my personal favourite, for a start its a deep blue like the ocean with added glitter like mermaid scales, making it the ultimate mermaid inspired nail varnish on the market!

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This tank top speaks for itself! It might be plain, but its plainly awesome, the fit is very figure flattering and the light fabric of the tank top with cut out sleeves makes it perfect for hot weather. Wear with some ripped shorts or jeans to add some grunge to the mermaid look, mix it up!

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The summer vibes are upon us!

This issue has some of the most stunning fashion shoots yet! The warm Instagram colours of the whole issue just shout spring! Get all geared up as the suns starting to come out from behind those grey clouds, with our recommendations in the fashion section you’ll sure to be looking 10/10 this summer. This issue is any girls guide to the upcoming fashion you NEED in your wardrobe!

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Surf Leggings for summer!

Grab the latest issue of SurfGirl its full of summer vibes! This fashion article in the printed magazines all about Billabong’s versatile summery palm tree covered Skinny Sea Legs leggings, which are super practical and funky.

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Dramatic rise in drink spiking

Falmouth’s the fourth safest place…

According to The Telegraph, Falmouth’s the fourth safest place to go to university in the UK, as a result of Falmouth just having “80 crimes per 1,000 residents.” However, the crime of drink spiking amongst  university students has risen. Head of Community & Welfare within the university, Catherine Thornhill, stated that “Both SARC which is the sexual assault and rape crisis centre in Truro and Devon and Cornwall police have seen a noticeable increase.”

Listen to the full interview with Catherine here: 

 What is spiking?

Spiking can be anything from putting intense drugs in your drink to buying you a double when you asked for a single.

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 Institutions aren’t to blame

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Nevertheless, the issue of spiking “Is not down to the university it’s down to society.” Catherine thinks that “society as a whole needs to change, and it is little things that unions and universities can do to try to improve that.”

Spiked at the student bar

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 01.27.12

Both Emma Kirk & Phil Wade fell victims of drink spiking within the same night at an event in the student bar, as a result of them both sharing a drink that had been left unattended earlier in the night.

Emma Kirk describes the whole experience as worrying, as she had no idea what had happened. She’d only had one drink before hand, she said that; “I realized that I’ve been drunk before, but this time it wasn’t the same it wasn’t that, I had no memory of the night I only had two and a half drinks for the entire night, for a while it got me very wary.”

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The whole ordeal for Emma turned out to by quite traumatic, as she woke up with cuts and bruises all over her body. She nervously stated that;”my left knee was swollen and I couldn’t walk for the next couple of days and that really worried me as I have no idea how it happened.”

Breaking gender stereotype 

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 01.41.20

Phil Wade admitted he was shocked to be spiked as a male, as you “always hear about women getting spiked”. He expressed that;“I didn’t realise spiking was a massive thing…. I’ve never experienced it, as a twenty-one year old I’ve been out a fair few times, you hear about women being spiked more than guys but obviously because I shared a drink I got spiked.”

Similar to Emma, Phil also voiced; “I can’t remember how I got home and the rest of the night, I can’t tell you who I was with.”

 Rising number of cases

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 01.30.54

Emma Kirk explains that she knows of a few friends that have also been victims of drink spiking at other events held at the student bar,“I know three other people who have been spiked, all of them were at Stannary events, one of my friends got spiked with MD, he remembers the whole thing, but he woke up with blood in his mouth, it was a horrible experience to wake up to in the morning.”

Police say there are more people like them but they can’t give the exact number of the increase.

Catherine Thornhill puts support in place 

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Catherine Thornhill stated that; “Falmouth University has lots of support available to students, who unfortunately may have found him or herself victim to drink spiking.” The FXU Loves You Campaign aims to raise awareness of personal health and safety concerns that affect many people. One of the topics covered within this campaign being alcohol and drugs.

 For detailed information about how to recognise drink spiking and what to do if you or your friend becomes a victim of the crime head to:

4 reasons why taking a gap year before university is a good idea …

1. When you finish your A-levels but have doubts about going to university…


So, you’re close to finishing your A-levels and everyone’s signing up to UCAS ready for university in September. All you can hear is “so what universities have you applied for?” It’s being drummed into your head that it’s the uni route or no route. Don’t give in to peer pressure take a year out even if you don’t travel for all of it, take time to think, is it really worth getting into £35,000 worth of debt if you’re not 100% sure?

2. Fulfilling you’re urge to see more will make you less likely to drop out of uni half way in..

blog post hahahah

It makes you grow up and that’s important. Gap years are commonly associated with the cheesy phrase “finding yourself”. To this day I still don’t really know what I want and I am currently studying at university, but what travelling did do is make me grow up. Yeah, I do the typical uni stuff; I’ll get drunk to the point where I pass out in my hallway. BUT seeing other cultures, with some having very little has made me appreciate my education more and I feel I work harder because of that.

 3. Travelling may change your degree or university choice totally, and it might be the one you really wanted to do/ or go to all along…


Before travelling, upon applying for uni I felt pressured into looking at courses that were very essay and exam based. So my degree now does have exams and essays, BUT it’s also got practical and design elements. Something I felt embarrassed to look at in the schooling system I was brought up in. But after meeting people in different countries from all walks of life that were all doing well in their own way, I realised that we can’t all work in the same way and an art’s university that offered a degree consisting of visual and academic aspects was right for me. I love the video aspect of my course and that’s were my talents appear to be falling, as a dyslexic that finds constant writing stressful, without the practical side I would have dropped out.

4.  Most importantly…It makes you stand up for yourself more.

travel post

News in GIFS: 4NewsWall, brilliant or patronising?

GIFS are cool, but the media generalising young people isn’t…


So here the media go again, stereotyping ALL the younger generation as purely social-media & short snippet text consumers. Powered by Channel 4 News, 4NewsWall has been launched as a website presenting daily headlines in the form of GIFs (Graphics interchange format), in an attempt “to repackage online news in a format more appealing to teens and young adults”.

 Kevin Sutcliffe, head of news programming EU at Vice News believes that the reason [traditional news reporting] doesn’t speak to a young audience is obvious. “It’s middle-aged journalists in suits and ties talking to middle-aged journalists in suits and ties in studios. Or out on live links in front of something going-on – it feels formal, it feels mediated, it feels talked-down-to.”

 Wait a minute, has he actually asked young people if they feel this way? Well obviously not enough if he has. As a 19-year old I feel pretty talked down to when a GIF consisting of four words representing news is “speaking my language”, which is what Olivia Browne, group business director at 4Creative is suggesting.

 With respect, it’s not all bad, you can click on the GIF to get a summary of the news it’s representing, but I’m talking one paragraph here. However, my point’s not really the GIF itself, but the view the media seem to have of ALL young people. It appears that channel 4 think that for under 25-year olds to be interested in news, and go on to read it in more depth, they need a moving image with four words to lure them in, with the in-depth part consisting of a mere condensed paragraph. Yeah, some of the GIFs are cool and funny, but middle-aged journalists in suits claiming things that haven’t come directly out our mouths aren’t.

 Rather than making sweeping assumptions like “It speaks their language.” Instead what about saying: “It’s an alternative way to interact with news in the age of multi-media, social media & Internet.” You never know thirty something or even fifty year olds might like it too.