Jazz up your wardrobe this spring…


From spots to flamingoes they’ve covered it all with this collection. Let the pattern steal the show, by paring them up with some skinny jeans and basic tee.




Just click on the names of shoe to be taken to the product on Rocket Dogs online store!

JAZZIN in Hawaii Dreams in black

FotorCreatedFotorCreated palm  2

I’ve had the travel blues for a while, but when these shoes arrived they  brought me right back to Hawaii. The floral print and orange soles are enough to brighten up anyones rainy day. They also come with spare black laces if you ever fancy a change.  I love to wear these shoes with a pair of jeans and a white top, I say let the pattern do the work.

JAZZIN in Spot Me in navy

FotorCreated spotty moreFotorCreated spotty

Pretty in polka dot. These  lace up style navy shoes look great with a classic 50’s swing dress, oh so vintage! A pair of navy laces are also included if you fancy changing things up. What I really like is, although the front is white you can easily clean your lovely new shoes and they still look like you bought them yesterday!

JAZZIN in Long Legs in pink

FotorCreated falminoIMG_0106

Be out there with this Flamingo print! Sometimes its nice to venture away from greys and blacks, we see enough of those colours with the English weather! These shoes are really unique and different which I like.  The flamingo pattern’s still subtle as it’s on a  white background, a spare pair of pink laces are also included.

WILLIE in Sunkissed in fuchsia (also available in natural, blue and grey)

FotorCreated pink rocket dogFotorCreated pink  

Pretty in pink. These shoes have a hint of espadrille and are one of my favourites, they’re super lightweight and subtle because of the neutral laces. Although colour may be bright, the style of the shoe makes the colour classy not garish.  Girly but beach, it’s the perfect combination as the sun’s starting to make an appearance. Don’t hesitate to grab your pair!


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