Love Summer festival: Part 2

Love Summer Festival: Part 2

Lepord Print mad! Getting my striking patterns from my Rocket Dog Jazzin’ collection on to fit in with the disco theme at Love Summer Festival!

Photographer                            Many thanks to Rocket Dog Europe
I couldn’t decide which shoes out of my Rocket Dog Jazzin collection to wear so I put them all out to choose and thought they went pretty nicely with the decor of the festival especially the green and blue pattern on sandels with the carpet!
spot the shoes? This disco themed prop went to perfectly with my leopard print Jazzin collection shoes not to get a snap!
That was the vibe of the whole festival just keep dancing and have a good time don’t let anything bring you down! I think we need more of that attitude in our everyday lives. But shoes add to my happiness so I can’t really complain with my new and stunning Rocket Dog Jazzin collection.

Getting my dancing, or should I say Jazzin shoes on for Love Summer Festival….

    LOVE SUMMER Festival, whats not to love!

Photography                                                  Many thanks to Rocket Dog Europe

Love summer Festival is held in Plympton can only be described as full of local music, freshly brewed Chai tea, and good vibes! I fell in love with the Bohemian/ ethnic decor of the whole festival! The upbeat summer vibes of the bands such as The Summer Tides (how appropaite is the name) made me pretty much forget about the grey sky and my muddy Rocket Dog Jazzin collection shoes! check out the Summer Tides at

  Rocket Dog Jazzin Stripes,

Bringing some rainbow stripes to the grey weather, they’re super comfy and can handle mud and rain they’re my fave shoes on my shoe rack. I had a relaxing morning on the rugs in the cafe at the festival next to all the spiritual and calming decor.

Festival stalls

From head dresses to wall hangings you’d find all these beautiful things at Love Summer Festival. It may of been small but its quality not quantity. I fell in love with the vintage clothing stall that was there and the glitter makeup artist… her work looked amazing! (well until you’ve had one to many ciders and you start to look like a drunk fairy thats just passed out in a pile of glittery glue.)

Food & Drink…

The Chai tea tasted like the whole festival bundled into a mug, warm and uplifting. There were a lot of food stalls for such a teeny festival but ALL of them offered such a good food it was a hard choice to make! From burritos to crepes to vegan to Burgers. They had it all! I must say that the pizza was so good, mainly because it was done over a fire and the ingredients were so fresh and tasty, It was miles off a 70p Tesco value tomato and very minimal cheese pizza. This was a melt in your mouth mozzarella heaven.

Drink wise there was NO BAR so that saved you a lot of money! However, there was a lovely van offering fresh smoothies which worked a treat on hangovers from hell!

I feel that the striped pattern was a perfect choice for the festival as the colours of the stripes are pretty earthy and natural!










 Haystacks and dreamcatchers…

The many haystacks came in handy for keeping my Rocket Dog Jazzin collection dry. There were so many beautiful handmade decorations. I felt like at least one of them needed to be included in the background, and that would be the dreamcatcher below.
I absolutely adore dream catchers not only because they look pretty. But the idea that they ward off evil some how subconsciously I believe, does give you a better nights sleep if you have one hanging up!


So I placed my two favourite things together Rocket Dog shoes and Dreamcatchers!